INSIDE The Warren Commission 

INSIDE The Warren Commission 

The story of the people who worked to find the truth of President Kennedy’s assassination.

INSIDE The Warren Commission is a riveting account of the people who worked tirelessly to discover the truth behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Based on new evidence, it showcases the personalities, politics, and challenges that made this investigation one of the most controversial of our time. The Warren Report is perhaps the most misunderstood document in modern American history.

Directed and Produced by William VanDerKloot

Narrated by Monica Pearson

Executive Producers Charles E. Campbell, P. Toby Graham

Original Music Score by James Oliverio

The program features interviews with the following (in order of appearance):

Earl Leonard

Press Secretary to Senator Richard Russell

Roger Mudd

CBS News Washington Correspondent

Charles E. Campbell

Executive Secretary to Senator Richard Russell

Philip Shenon

Author, A Cruel and Shocking Act

Max Holland

Author, The Kennedy Assassination Tapes

Tom Johnson

Special Assistant to President Lyndon Johnson

Judge Stuart Pollak

Warren Commission Staff Attorney

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