VIDEO INSTALLATIONS – Carter Presidential Museum

VIDEO INSTALLATIONS – Carter Presidential Museum

Director William VanDerKloot discusses the shoot with President and Mrs. Carter on the soundstage at Magick Lantern.


The VanDerKloot team created a series of seven video installations for the renovation of the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum.  The videos highlighted the work of The Carter Center around the world.  Highlights of these include interviews with President and Mrs. Carter, as well as a discussion of the Iran Hostage Crisis with President Carter and NBC News anchor, Brian Williams.

Jay Hakes, Director of the Museum wrote:

“The new museum at the Carter Presidential Library has garnered rave reviews from many quarters, and your great films played a big role in this positive response. Your interviews with President Carter, Mrs.Carter, and Brian Williams significantly expanded the amount of content available. The films all have a sharp, attractive look to them. They combine substance and entertainment in a way that grabs visitors. We will be proud to show your films for many years.”

To see one of the videos, BUILDING HOPE, click here:


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