I have been shooting time-lapse video since I got my first Super-8 camera in 7th grade. Clouds are among my favorite subjects. All time-lapse is like magic, as you can never be totally sure of what the finished product will look like. Atmospheric winds and water content of the air, move in unpredictable ways, which makes clouds such wonderful subjects for time-lapse studies. 

The Atmospheres series are videos that celebrate the wondrous movements in the sky above us in a way that we don’t see in ‘real time.’ I can sit and watch clouds for hours as they tumble and seep and bundle across the sky. Some of my favorite times to film are during the coming or the going of a storm front. This many times results in multiple layers of clouds that move in different directions, creating a series of moving planes across the sky. 

Music is a key element, and my friend and collaborator, James Oliverio, has provided me with samples of his library music that I use as inspiration for the edit. Some Atmosphere videos include the horizon line, others consist entirely of the ‘mountains in the sky.’

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